8 Point Facelift

8 point Facelift: The experience

The media often like to report treatments as ‘new’ as this, somehow makes them more interesting or relevant. So it is with the 8 point facelift as seen in this weeks Stella magazine from Sunday Telegraph.  Actually the 8 point or liquid or non surgical facelift as been available at Skinqure Clinic with Dr Charlson for some time.

‘I have successfully  preformed this technique many times, it has a high degree of patient satisfaction with instant results that last many months, it is ideal for those clients who do not wish to have surgery. Indeed, clients considering surgery realise that the 8 point facelift is ideal for their needs. I always assess clients’  basic anatomy and symmetry to replace tissue lost through aging and give a natural, pleasing result with subtle  lift and definition of the cheekbones and jawline.

This is an advanced technique, dermal filler treatments can not be learned in an afternoon at a crowded training session.

Prices for 8 point facelift at The Light, Skinqure Clinic with Dr Charlson from £650. Price is dependent on client’s needs.

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