wart removal

Wart Verruca Skin Tag Removal

Wart Verruca  Skin Tag Removal, these common skin legions that we can removal by either cryotherapy or minor surgery.

Prices start from £150

Cryotherapy involves freezing the lesion using liquid nitrogen at temperatures around -190C. Cryotherapy is a standard treatment for warts and other skin lesions. The liquid nitrogen application usually takes less than a minute. Once the warts, verruca skin tags or skin lesion have been exposed to the freezing effects of liquid nitrogen your immune response  may be kick started and even untreated warts and verrucas can disappear.

At Skinqure we use state of the art equipment that allows for the liquid nitrogen to be specifically targeted at the unwanted tissue, reducing pain and side effects. Out specialist flask can be fitted with a variety of different attachments which are appropriate for differing skin lesions.

We do NOT use a cryopen as these only temperatures of about – 70C and use nitrous oxide which is ineffective. Our equipment works at temperatures of -196 C .

Dr Charlson has experience of using cryotherapy for over 20 years and uses the technology in his NHS and private clinics. It is increasingly difficult to get treatment for cosmetic lesions on the NHS. We can offer cryotherapy wart and skin lesion removal at our clinics in Brough, Welton and Leeds.

Cryotherapy treats:

  • warts
  • verrucas
  • skin tags
  • moles
  • senile warts/ seborrhoic keratosis
  • age spots
  • keloid scars
  • raised acne scars  etc

Liquid nitrogen is extremely cold. It will freeze any living tissue it comes into contact with. Applying small amounts of liquid nitrogen to various skin problems is now a standard treatment.

Cryotherapy for wart , verruca and skin lesion removal FAQs

What can it treat?

Wart, verrucae, skin tags, small fleshy growths and similar small ‘lumps and bumps’ on the skin are ideal for liquid nitrogen treatment. (as above)

Is it painful?

Applications usually last about 10-30 seconds. Try holding a cube of ice against your skin for 10-30 seconds. It is uncomfortable but usually not too painful. Liquid nitrogen applied to skin is similar but colder and most people find the discomfort quite bearable.

What can I expect?

After a treatment, the lump, wart or whatever is being treated will gradually discolour and fall off. The surrounding skin will sometimes become red and swollen and be sore for a day or so. It is similar to a mild burn. Occasionally a blister (sometimes a ‘blood blister’) forms. If this happens, it is best to pop it with a clean pin and apply a plaster. New skin quickly forms and any scab or blister will soon disappear. The cosmetic result is usually good.

Does it always work?

Usually it does. However, sometimes thicker warts or verrucas need two or more sessions of liquid nitrogen treatment over a period of a few weeks to get to the root. Compared with other treatments, most people

Prices from £50 per consultation and 2  lesion treatment at £75

Multiple lesions price on consultation