Stop Sweating

Many people live with the fear and embarrassment of excess sweating, hyperhidrosis,  but they know that they can rely on BOTOX as a simple, safe and effective treatment. Botox stops sweat formation for 6 to 9 months by blocking nerve impulses to the sweat glands.
Our clients include MPs, Doctors, Business men, Students and they all have botox treatment because it is EFFECTIVE,

Price is from  £395 for a FULL dose. BOTOX stops sweating:

  • underarms
  • palms (£250 per hand)

Botox works very well to reduce or completely stop excessive underarm sweating and odour for about six months.

Botox also effectively treats palms and feet. We perform this using local topical anaesthetic so it is quite comfortable and it takes less than 15 minutes. effects build up over 2 weeks and last up to six months.

Tiny amounts of botox toxin are injected just under the skin in a grid pattern along the treatment area, the botox then binds with nerve endings and stops the body’s messenger chemicals from stimulating sweat release. This is a simple yet incredibly effective treatment that transforms lives.

Botox also treats Forehead sweating this is £225

Botox to stop sweating has an excellent level of client approval due to its easy of application and effectiveness. Stop feeling embarrassed and start feeling confident whatever the situation you find yourself in !!

  • business meetings & presentations
  • shaking hands
  • interviews
  • dating
  • social events
  • weddings
  • also reduces the odour associated with excessive sweating
  • protects clothes

Stop sweat : treatment for hyperhidrosis  Follow link for further information on excessive sweating.

Dr Charlson preforms Botox injections to stop sweat at Balcony Level, The Light, The Headrow, The Light, Leeds LS1 8TL