Hair loss treatment

We are often asked how to stop hair loss and increase hair volume.

Hair loss and hair thinning are one of the most common reasons clients seek advice from a dermatologist.  Dr Charlson can advise on a variety of PROVEN hair loss treatments such as PRP and finesteride tablets, we also work with a highly skilled hair technician who can make and fit exceptional hair piece that look authentic and stay in situ for weeks.

Kim Kardashian famously had a vampire facial on her reality show just before her first marriage but what is a ”vampire facial” and how does it help hair loss?

The vampire facial is actual treatment using platelet rich plasma which is obtained from a sample of your OWN blood. This blood is treated and spun down in a centrifuge to allow your doctor to concentrate your platelets which are then injected into the treatment site, whether this be the scalp, face, chest or soft tissue injury. Professional footballers routinely have PRP treatment for injured and worn joints and soft tissue.
By far the most effective method of PRP treatment is to inject the PRP back into the treatment site. To super concentrate your plasma your physician will double spin the blood sample to obtain super concentrated platelets.

Once injected into the treatment sire, platelets release proteins known as growth factors that stimulate stem cells to rejuvenate and repair damaged or aging tissue. This procedure is clinically proven to stop hair loss

PRP is suitable for hair loss and hair thinning treatment in both males and females, treatment prices start at £1500 for three treatments

PRP for hair loss is most effective when used with topical medication to achieve MAXIMUM stimulation of your hair follicles to encourage hair re growth.At least THREE treatments would be necessary with further maintenance. Prices are worked out as a package of THREE treatments a few weeks apart and topical medication.