IMCAS Congresses The essence of aesthetic surgery & cosmetic dermatology
Jan 2016
This weekend, Dr CHarlson is attending the prestigious IMCAS conference in Paris. IMCAS has an unrivalled reputation in the aesthetics industry, bringing together world leading practitioners, researchers, manufacturers and regulators. This represents the cutting edge of world aesthetics in practice, technology and safety.

Who we are

IMCAS Mission Statement

IMCAS is dedicated to achieving the highest quality of teaching through the interface of Plastic Surgery and Dermatology.
Achieving this vision requires a dynamic organization whose mission embodies the following standards:

  • Unification and fair representation of Plastic Surgery and Dermatology
  • Excellence in teaching all leading subjects on Aging Skin Treatments
  • Constant adherence to ethical conduct

Unequalled Tradition of Professional Support

IMCAS started in 1994, in Paris, France, as a congress dedicated to plastic surgeons and dermatologists.
Since its conception, IMCAS has sought to bridge the knowledge vacuum between Plastic and Reconstructive
Surgery and Dermatology, thereby generating a synergetic and mutually reinforcing interface among these t