The menopause causes a major change in your body’s hormonal balance which leads to significant effects on your skin. Your skin produces less collagen and elastin, so

inevitably the aging process starts to accelerate. There is no doubt that HRT improves the thickness and hydration of the skin.

These can include acne, pigmentation , dehydration and pruritis or itching.

Creams that help build collagen are vital at any age but particularly post menopause, these are ACTIVE vitamin A creams that contain a concentration of vitamin A that will effectively  boost collagen and elastin renewal.

Creams available on the high street  claim to ‘reduce the signs of aging’ they are able to do this because of  temporary hydration, for proven long term effects you need dermatological strength  preparations.

These are the gold standard treatment to rebuild collagen.

Vitamin C is also a vital ingredient that protects your skin.

Scrubs will get rid of dead dull skin, microdermbrasion is a fantastic clinic treatment that cleans, clears and stimulates your skin, regular treatment will keep your skin in the best possible condition.

Dr Charlson uses SCULPTRA injections (See anti aging injections )  which is a long lasting unique  filler that sits deep in the tissues providing support AND stimulating collagen production.


Acne is rare post menopause but can be a problem in the perimenopause. Spots tend to be small, around the chin and mouth.   Creams made to treat teenage acne are not suitable for older women, their skin is drier and the spots often deeeper, Dr Charlson can advise on treatment options, this includes anti androgen medication.

Melasma and pigmentation

Melasma and pigmentation can be difficult to treat and is often a life long battle! There are treatments available which Dr Charlson can discuss with you