Migraine Treatment

Migraine treatment with Botulium Toxin has been approved by The  National Institute for  Health and Care Excellence (NICE).

As a life long migraine sufferer, Dr Charlson  knows only too well the devastating effect migraine has on you quality of life and well being.  Migraine symptoms vary from sufferer to sufferer but botulinum toxin is proven to be effective in preventing migraine attacks by relaxation of muscles of the neck and face. Botox is licensed for chronic migraine. This treatment reduces migraines by 50% in 70% of suffers with chronic migraine. (This means a headache 15 days per month) . The revolutionary treatment requires precise injections around the head and neck.

Treatment costs are around £550 for a first treatment including a consultation and £450 for subsequent treatments.

Many of our clients find that cosmetic Botox injections reduce the frequency of tension headaches due to relaxation of muscles in the forehead and around the eyes, these are £250

As a migraine sufferer himself Dr Charlson understands the pain, suffering and debilitation caused by migraine.

We always prefer to correspond with your GP and a headache diary for at least four weeks is essential, you can download this at http://diary.migrainetrust.org/